New greenhouse complex opened in Khabarovsk

On 6 April a greenhouse complex for growing greenery was opened in Khabarovsk.

7 April, 2016
New greenhouse complex opened in Khabarovsk

A greenhouse complex for growing greenery was opened in Khabarovsk on 6 April 2016. It is the first factory of such type in Russia.The greenhouse complex in Khabarovsk based on technologies of japan company MIRAI  is a grand project of russian investor Agricultural Technologies of Future Ltd. 

The main features of the greenhouse complex are the use of energy-saving technologies and the ecological safety of products. The company in collaboration with japanese scientists created a system that allow to obtain a high crops yield without GMO and pesticides in short time. Plants are grown under artifical lighting wihtout ground. They are also placed on multi-level racks that helps to increase significantly the production of the greenhouse complex. Now the production constitutes 10 800 plants per day.

Today the hothouse complex is testing 20 sorts of greenery. Later, some of them will be selected for realizing thourgh regional retail chains. It its reported that the company will increase the number of sorts of growing greenery resting on the wishes of Far East consumers. The greenhouse complex can produce 50 sorts of salad crops and herbs in total.

The same greenhouse complexes have been working in Japan, Hong Kong and Mongolia. 

In the beginning of 2016 a grenhouse complex for growing cucumbers and tomatoes was opened. In that project another japan company JGS participates. Regional retail chains already got the first batch of the vegetables in March 2016.



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