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EEF 2021 Business Programme Architecture Published

15 July 2021
Опубликована архитектура деловой программы  Восточного экономического форума–2021

The 6th Eastern Economic Forum will take place on 2–4 September in Vladivostok. The main theme of the Forum is ‘New opportunities for the Far East in a changed world’.

“This Forum is among the key instruments for developing the Far East. Its key objective is to attract investors and get a feedback from the business community. Are the support measures we come up with effective? What other measures are needed to create new industrial operations, new jobs and to ensure the development of Far Eastern regions?” said Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister – Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.

According to Mr Trutnev, the Forum helps attract new investment, develop preferential regimes, and create beneficial conditions for business in this macroregion. Largely thanks to this event, the Far East boasts over 2.6 thousand investment projects, including 400 already operating.  It means that the region’s economy has received RUB 1.8 trillion in investments, with over 77 thousand new jobs created.  

In 2020, the EEF did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected the work with investors and resulted in a lower number of investment agreements. “We do hope that this year the Forum will take place. For it to happen, we will take all the necessary measures to avoid the spread of infection. At the same time, the new reality resulted in a changed agenda of the EEF,” noted Yury Trutnev.

Thus, the business programme of the Forum offers four main tracks.

In the track entitled ‘The New Economy: What Changes and Stays the Same’, participants will share their experience and views on the future in the following areas: international relations, medicine, business cooperation, science, innovations, Big Data, etc. This track will also address the government’s client-centeredness, as well as the outlook for gold and precious metals. 

The track entitled ‘The Far East: New Challenges and Opportunities’ will cover the technological, digital, investment and social development of this macroregion. In particular, participants will address a whole range of questions. How does one win the competition for investments? What is the best recipe for an infrastructural breakthrough? Will the green energy ever become a reality in the Far East? What is the best way to reduce transport costs? This track will offer discussions on the development of key industries, such as agriculture, tourism, and forestry.

The track entitled ‘Our Shared Responsibility in a Changing World’ will focus on ecology and environmental protection. Participants will discuss climate change, protection of rare species, new waves of volunteering, and automation technologies.

Youth EEF holds a special place in the Forum programme. It includes a presentation of the programme called ‘Special Forces in the Far East: Presentation of the Muravyov-Amursky 2030’, as well as discussions on social media, youth entrepreneurship, the future of the financial market, business training, and career. 

“This year’s Forum will take place both online and offline – this hybrid format is determined by the times we live in. Yet, the Forum will maintain its effectiveness despite this new format. We expect high-level guests and discussions, as there is a demand for addressing the questions and topics outlined in the programme. I am confident that both our partners and guests look forward to live dialogue.

The Eastern Economic Forum is vital for strengthening ties among Asia-Pacific countries.  We have a great opportunity to discuss economic, trade, research, technological, and investment partnership, as well as ways to strengthen cooperation and find new common grounds. The topic of the Forum launches dialogue that will address the following questions: how can we help each other in developing the Far East and what opportunities will it bring?” said Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the Eastern Economic Forum Organizing Committee. 

He also noted that the organizers would focus on ensuring health security.

The EEF 2021 programme will feature the following business dialogues: Russia–ASEAN, Russia–Korea, Russia–China, Russia–Japan, Russia–India, and Russia–Europe. Other international events will include a discussion of the Greater Eurasian Partnership as an effective integration mechanism.

The programme has scheduled the APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education in Asia-Pacific Region and the international conference dedicated to the centenary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Mongolia.   

For more information on the Forum business programme architecture, go to the official Forum website