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Representatives of Tiger Range Countries Agreed on the Final Document Draft of the 2nd International Tiger Forum

12 August 2022
Представители стран ареала тигра согласовали проект итогового документа II Международного форума по сохранению тигра

Senior officials responsible for the Global Tiger Recovery Programme met in New Delhi, India on 10–12 August. The programme is the result of the first International Forum on Tiger Conservation that took place in 2010. During the meeting, the relevant ministries and agencies agreed on a final draft of the Declaration on Tiger Recovery and Conservation.

«The final document of the 2nd International Tiger Forum will be a Declaration on Tiger Recovery and Conservation. A draft was prepared by the Russian Federation and sent to tiger range states for their proposals on the provisions of the future declaration. Tiger conservation is primarily a national responsibility, but cooperation and coordination between tiger range states is an essential part of this process,» said Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the Forum.

The tasks of the forthcoming Forum include the need to consolidate mechanisms for regular information exchange and effective international coordination, as well as the requirement to set new benchmarks and launch new cooperation activities.

During the meeting, participants also discussed the preliminary results of the Global Tiger Recovery Programme and its update for the next twelve-year period.

Russia is one of the leading countries in conservation and restoration of the tiger population. The positive results in this area have been achieved through coordinated efforts of the state and public organizations.

In 2013, at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin the Russian Geographical Society established the Amur Tiger Centre, which aims to preserve and study the Amur tiger population. Over the following years, Russia has seen serious improvements to its legal framework, the system for protecting the Amur tiger and its prey base and habitat, as well as system for resolving conflicts. Law-enforcement authorities have been paying much more attention to environmental law violations, while environmental education work with the local population has become more widespread. A strategy for the conservation of the Amur tiger is being implemented.

It is already known that the number of predators has increased and the range of the tiger has expanded thanks to this work. Exact data on the tiger population, based on the results of the 2021/2022 winter research, are expected to be announced at the Forum on 5 September.

During the meeting, the Russian delegation spoke about the 2nd International Tiger Forum programme and conditions of participation. Russian representatives handed out invitations to the Forum to the delegates from tiger range countries and held talks about the possibility of their personal presence.

In addition to foreign official delegations, the Forum expects members of regional and federal authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives of the scientific and expert community in the field of environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and ecology. Additionally, the Forum is anticipating to see representatives of businesses that are actively developing ESG, investing and implementing environmental protection projects.

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