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Room for Cooperation: Kobyakov Meets with Representatives of Association of European Businesses in Moscow

24 March 2022
Европейский бизнес продолжает работу в России

Anton Kobyakov, an advisor to the Russian President and executive secretary of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum’s Organizing Committee, held a meeting in Moscow with Association of European Businesses (AEB) CEO Tadzio Schilling.

The two officials stated that business is a bridge that connects the western and eastern parts of Eurasia, and the idea of a common economic space is gaining interest in European countries. In the current geopolitical situation, a detailed, transparent, and honest dialogue is needed, and the idea of ​​a common economic space is more important than ever.

“After 2014, business representatives were the ones who became the driving force towards easing sanctions. Greater Eurasia is a geopolitical space that is home to 45 percent of the world’s nations and more than two-thirds of the world’s population. Cooperation among these states unites all spheres of market relations. The global economy dictates its own rules. The world market cannot develop amidst the isolation of its players. We need to provide comprehensive support to each other,” Kobyakov said.

During the meeting, Schilling and Kobyakov discussed their readiness to contribute to the creation of a common economic and digital space, promote the development of infrastructure, as well as establish and strengthen ties between business representatives from different countries of the continent.

“We are going through difficult times, but it is crucial to maintain an honest dialogue and sit down at the negotiating table to find the points of contact where our views converge and with which we can work. It is essential to focus on addressing global challenges while continuing to support AEB member companies, which traditionally take part in the most important Roscongress forums. We are all interested in resolving the situation as soon as possible and continuing to work on the Russian market,” Schilling said.

Some of the key conclusions from discussions of previous years are available in the ROSCONGRESS.ORG Information and Analytical System and on the official SPIEF website:

The 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will take place on 15–18 June 2022.

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