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Budding entrepreneur

A person wishing to start their own business and not the owner of a commercial enterprise, and are not registered as an individual entrepreneur

Young entrepreneur

A person under the age of 30 years and is the owner of a commercial enterprise or Register up as an individual entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur

Legal entity or individual entrepreneur, which aims at solving social problemsincluding: employment of persons with disabilities, young mothers who have returned from places of compulsory confinementsocial services, and providing health services, physical culture and sports, teaching in child and youth circles, sections, studios, release of periodicals and book products connected with education, science and culture

Ongoing business

Legal entity or individual entrepreneur registered in the Russian Federation


Legal entity or individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production and (or) the supply of goods (works, services) for export.


The person responsible for the development and commercial production of new goods, products, technologies or services using the results of their scientific and technological research with great potential commercialization


Individual or legal person carrying out capital investments in the implementation of investment projects on the territory of the Russian Federation

  • Budding entrepreneur

  • Young entrepreneur

  • Social entrepreneur

  • Ongoing business

  • Exporter

  • Innovator

  • Investor

Recipient Category

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Legal entity

Established and registered in accordance with the law organization,which has in the property, economic management or operational management of separate propertyand is responsible for its obligations with this property,on its own behalf acquire and exercise property and moral rightstake responsibility, act as a plaintiff or defendant in court. Legal persons should have its own balance sheet and (or) the estimate.

Individual entrepreneur

Person registered in accordance with the law and engage in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity


Association of citizens, with a common property, and engaging in the production, processing, storage, transportation and marketing of agricultural products.

  • Legal entity

  • Individual entrepreneur

  • Farm

Business Term

  • Not establshed yet

  • Less than 1 year

  • From 1 to 2 years

  • From 2 to 3 years

  • More than 3 years

Business Size

  • Microenterprise

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  • Small business

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  • Medium enterprise

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  • Large enterprise

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