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15 September 2016
Города, управляемые данными. От концепции до прикладных решений
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10 September 2020
Post-Pandemic 2020: Changes at the Real Estate Market

In the article RBK addresses impact of coronavirus pandemic on the real estate market, including commercial and business premises.

1 November 2019
Provision of Technology Transfer at the National Level

The paper analyses the concept of technology transfer as the main element of scientific and technological development. The relationship of technology transfer with basic and applied research is defined. The tools of forecasting as a means of analysis and planning of scientific and technical development, as well as the position of the Russian Federation on technology transfer are considered.

11 September 2020
Digital management of commercial property

In this publication, Redmadrobot studies the current state of the commercial property market, analyzes main trends, and reviews technologies in the sector. The work can help adjust property management models and adapt business processes for present-day consumer needs.