Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant

Publication date: 10.04.2020
Last updated: 27.04.2020
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
Project type
  • New construction / launch of new production
Project budget
1,100,000  thousand rubles
Need for external investment
890,000  thousand rubles
Form of required financing
  • Debt financing / bank loan


Project description

The project is planned to be implemented in two phases. The first phase involves the construction of a production facility, including an administrative building, an agricultural raw materials processing unit (beans, tomatoes and eggplant), infrastructure facilities, warehouses for storing finished products, raw materials and supplies.

The second phase of the project involves the expansion of the production lines for processing fruit and berry products to be canned or frozen.

The construction is planned to be based on a former production facility located at: Krasnodar Territory, Krymsky District, Plavnensky homestead.

High quality of finished products at relatively low cost is to be achieved through growing vegetables on owned land plots located in close proximity to the planned production. The plant’s yearly design output is 20 million cans. The plant is to be built using the newest technologies and equipped with the modern equipment.

Сontacts of the regional development institute
Krasnodar Territory Department for Investment and Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Nikolay Mikhailovich Korsakov
+7 (861) 251-74-32
Project company
LLC Krymsky Canning Plant